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Restore the footbridge to the East Pier Extension (Read 9392 times)
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Restore the footbridge to the East Pier Extension
Jul 22nd, 2012 at 3:48am
Should be a popular one this. It's only been out of action for the last 10-11yrs.
I definately remember the last (and only) time I got a picture from the East Pier extension was during the 2001 Whitby Regatta weekend.
Before that, it had already been out of action for a few more years due to the East Pier being cut off completely from the access ramp (the old reinforced concrete jobbie) becoming structurally knackered.

My current thoughts for a replacement:
Basically a miniature version of the "New Bridge" (that's now getting on for 30yrs old), with railings to match the newly opened footbridge onto the West Pier Extension.
Hide the reinforced concrete of this new structure by cladding it in sandstone to match the rest of the East Pier.
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