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Some school bullies never grow up... (Read 4427 times)
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Some school bullies never grow up...
Aug 4th, 2013 at 5:33am
Twenty years ago this September I started my final 2 years of having to go to school whether I liked it or not by doing my GCSE's at the local big kids school Whitby Community College.
The previous years of Primary & Middle school had already been not particularly fun due to bullying, and this new school provided a whole new fresh set of bullies..... and meeting back up with some of the old ones from Primary who went to Eskdale school instead of Caedmon.
One of the new ones (and one of the worst of the lot for name calling) was a girl called Lisa, who was butt ugly and had her hair cut short like a boy who'd pick on me for no good reason other than for my last name (so she'd often make Duck noises at me as I walked past minding my own business).

Come the 1995/1996 school year, and a move up to the 6th form I was really overjoyed to have her in the same course group as me. Before long she was giving me bother with the old name calling, and the final few months of the year got worse because she'd developped a nasty habit of falsely grassing me up.
I finally got the last laugh arriving at school one day to be told that she'd gotten into a spot of trouble with the Police for shoplifting an entire roll of carpet out of the furniture store next door to the rear path to the school, and in order to keep the peace with the neighbours she'd been expelled from the school.
The rest of the people on the course (who she'd started turning against me) had started getting sick of her too for making false accusations about them as well - school were a fat lot of use dealing with that, as they just brushed it off as a side effect of the meds she was taking for her epilepsy (still no excuse, right?)

Fast forward 17 years on from that to tonight, which also happened to be the day after the 10th Anniversary of my Mum dying from a Brain tumour + other complications....... and you can just imagine how overjoyed I was (sarcastically) receive this notification from Facebook that even though I ain't Facebook friends with her, she'd been screwing around with one of the pictures in my photo albums, and left this involving one of my facebook friends she's friends with,....

Which I promptly avenged by searching through my photo archives on my PC for a picture of a group of cows, and tagging her in it + mentioning the incident that got her booted out of school. Which admittedly could've gone better if her "partner in crime" from tonight's incident wasn't one of those people incapable of reading punctuation marks on web pages (such as a + or a & symbol as a substitute for the word "and"), and thought I was accusing her of being a shoplifter as well (why are some people so b****y thick when it comes to reading perfectly simple things?)
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